The road to MRA Routeplanner 2.0

Based on an international community survey we've composed a unique route. This isn't a route you can download. It's the route that MyRoute-app will follow in the further development of the MRA Routeplanner. We call this: The road to 2.0

Stay up to date on all the RoadMap and Routeplanner updates.

Here's what we'll do


Publishing and broadcasting the Road to 2.0 within the MyRoute-app community.


Adding highly requested community features. Stop and Via points, entering routepoints and editing travel times as well as time calculations.


 Releasing the new roundtour generator for both Basic and Gold. Reworking the shop experience.


Refactoring old code, increasing performance as well as improving automated reporting.


Adding club- and group membership options. Showing routes in the explorer and smart live-traffic implementation.


Visual update to the User Interface 2.0. Connecting social features from the Forum to the website.


Adding a 3D map option to the route-editor and improving visibility of the RouteXpert library.


Smart time-management allows members to add departure and arrival times to their routes.


Users can live-track other users on the website as they progress on their travel. Incorporates a chat and visual update to the app.


Adding the POI manager. Allows members to create, share and edit Point Of Interest maps. Also allows multi-route exporting.


The MRA Routeplanner has been visually updated, received loads of new features and runs more efficient than ever.

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